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The School of Applied Sciences of Nisantasi University was founded in 2016 and started to admit students in three departments in 2016-17 academic year; these departments are International Trade and Business, Logistics and Tourist Guiding. The number of businesses active in international markets is increasing gradually with globalization. This increase brings some mobility and dynamism to the commercial activities on the international markets. The businesses running in international markets conduct and follow their businesses in different legal, political, cultural, technological and competitive circles. The increased volume of trade in this context and competitiveness of the businesses under the effect of external environmental factors have come to be of importance. Another important force of competition in international trade practices for the businesses is the logistic activities such as transportation, store/entrepot services, packaging, customs clearance, handling and demand management. These factors have become distinctive elements in international markets. For the firms to conduct their activities in an effective and efficient way in the international markets having dynamics different from national markets, there is a need for qualified labour force equipped with the professional skills and experience as the prerequisite of the age and with a mastery of all the processes of the work. With the increased importance of the service sector in the economy of a country, tourism sector has become one of the shining sectors. With an important contribution to the worldwide recognition of the country, tourist guiding is of importance for the sustainable development of the sector. Our country has a peculiar place in world tourism in terms of its geographic and cultural values. It is the duty and responsibility of the tourist guides to transfer these values to the local and foreign tourists coming to the country. In this context, it is inevitable that there should be a growing need for tourist guides who master tourism policies, have the background and skills required by the field and who know foreign language(s) very well.

The campus of the university, located in the centre of the university, is chosen deliberately to make the economic, cultural, technologic and sportive training elements available to our students. Also, the School of Applied Sciences provides training and education to the students with its academicians specialized in their own fields, with its technologic classrooms equipped with the latest technologic products, with its campus capable of removing the students from the chaos of the metropolitan, with its modern sports facilities and technologic library.

Our students have the chance to join the Erasmus+ international student exchange programs thanks to the syllabus prepared according to blue diploma criteria which is nationally and internationally valid parallel to the Bologna process. Thus, they will have the chance to have training in the distinguished universities of the world and do their internship in several cities of the world. The School of Applied Sciences, which aims at an accredited training and education process with international recognition, intends to train individuals who know how to make use of sciences, inventions and progress of the world with respect to mind, science and knowledge.


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