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In recent years, the importance attached to logistics has increased under the effect of globalization. The fact that the organizations focus on reducing the costs and securing the customer satisfaction within the new economic order has resulted in the increased importance of logistics, which in turn leads to an increase in the need and demand for well-versed labour force in this field. ın the light all this information, the purpose of the Program of Logistics is to train graduates qualified and well-equipped with the professional skills and background needed by the logistic sector of Turkey, which bridges Europe and Asia as a logistic base; they are also trained to be visionary and capable of making themselves distinct by means of their qualities and qualifications.

The Program of Logistics is totally designed to train the personnel demanded by the sector. For this reason, the representatives have been asked for their ideas and opinions or recommendations in preparing the syllabus, also by abiding by the legal regulations. In this regard, the focus of the whole training has been accepted to be on the practical training so that our graduates can be easily employed by the sector.

The Program of Logistics has a wide variety of working fields. The graduates are entitled to work in the public institutions and private businesses in field of logistics. In this context, they can work in the following Programs of the firms or organizations; transportation (land, air, sea and railway), distribution, insurance, customs services, purchase, customer services, marketing, production planning, material management, inventory management, storing and foreign trade. Also, they can work in such fields of logistic businesses as logistic data system, procedures of return, labelling, packaging, separating-combining, route planning and vehicle optimization.

The Program of Logistics gives basic theoretical courses like general economy, business, general accounting and business mathematics. In the remaining three semesters of the Program, logistic processes are taken as a whole and the courses are concentrated on international transportation, sectoral project logistic applications, foreign trade processes, clearance, techniques of professional correspondence, methods of storing and logistic data systems.

In this regard, the latest innovations and developments in national and international fields are examined and analysed in the courses and the basic information acquired by them is consolidated with examples and practices. Projects and internships are encouraged for the students’ encounter with the sector.

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